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Keyhole add-on x Darcey bra x Envol panties = subtraction

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While I’ve already sewn all the styles of the Darcey bra, the Keyhole addon was missing from the collection. Adding a hole or subtracting fabric, that’s to be seen….

But as long as I was in the theme, I sewed an Envol panty by Étoffe Malicieuse with its delicious cutout on the backside! Des p’tits trous, des p’tits trous, toujours des p’tits trous.

Have a look on the other styles of the Darcey Bra

Soutien-gorge Darcey Bra Evie La Luve

Style 1 • Darcey Bra

Style 2 • Darcey Bra

Style 3 • Darcey Bra

Darcey bra pattern Evie La Luve 1 — €
Keyhole addon pattern Evie La Luve 1 3,00 €
Envol panty pattern Étoffe Malicieuse 1 3,00 €
Scuba Evie La Luve 0,4 m 4,20  €
Black lingerie knit Mercerie Extra 0,4 m 2,20 €
White powernet Stock 0,2 m 2,20 €
Black FOE La Réserve des Arts 4 m 0,15 €
Straps elastic ? 4 m 2,40 €
Scalloped band elastic Mercerie Extra 1 m 0,65 €
Ribbon pleated elastic Mercerie Extra 1 m 0,85 €
Rings and adjusters Aliexpress 10 1,00 €
Hook and eye Aliexpress 1 0,20 €
Thread Stock 0 0 €
Total     16,85 €

Keyhole addon pattern

In order to use this Keyhole add-on, you obviously need to have the Darcey bra pattern. 

It’s a pattern I’ve already sewn a lot and I haven’t shown all the versions in my lingerie drawer. It fits me particularly well and I am very comfortable in it… sometimes more than without a bra at all!

Finally comfortable for most of the 5 proposed styles: at home, the style 2 tends to let the twins escape at the slightest movement. Too bad, it is very pretty!

So, 5 different styles but I wanted a little change.

The Keyhole extension is a new variant for the Darcey bra which, while opening the bra on the center, maintains the boobs very well, thanks to a system of crossed straps.

Even for a wide-rooted breast, very spread out on the bust and that easily overflows some bras too open-bar …

The explanations are always very well presented and clear in Evie La Luve’s patterns. However, I was annoyed to have to go back and forth with the explanations of the original Darcey.

Honestly, would it have been really complicated to put back the whole step-by-step for a better reading comfort?

Sewing the Darcey x Keyhole x Envol set

Sewing the Darcey bra Keyhole addon

Sewing this addon is not recommended for lingerie beginners. Honestly, it’s best to get your feet wet with foldover elastics before jumping in on those sharp curves.

So start with the Darcey version 1: a safe and easy to sew value.

The foldover elastic can’t be replaced by anything else for this version.

Due to the firmness of the scuba, I lined only the center pieces of this Darcey with powernet in order to enclose the seams.

The Darcey Bra Keyhole Extension requires additional rings and straps… but more importantly, it normally requires 2 x 15mm rings to accommodate all the straps in the front.

I only use 10 and 12 mm straps, so I don’t have 15 mm rings. And I didn’t buy any. Because I admit I’m a little tired of having to create a stock of material worthy of a haberdashery to make my projects. Especially for 2 rings.

So they are in 12 mm and that’s it. That’s enough.

My only regret is the poor quality of the elastic straps, which are almost only elastic in name. Unfortunately, I don’t know where this one comes from.

Sewing of the Envol II panties

After the first version of these Envol panties in size 42 which fit me but I would have liked more comfort, I graded this version in size 43. And it is very comfortable.

I have to admit that I love the elastic band with a pleated ribbon… which I can’t see very easily since I sewed it on my ass. 

On the other hand, who spends their day admiring their panties?

Not much else to say about these panties which are very easy to sew.


This version of the Darcey bra with the Keyhole extension is very sexy (and the important thing is to love yourself, right?) without giving up on breast support.

However, as I had anticipated, I will not pretend that the straps on the neckline are at the top of the ideal of comfort. Especially since these elastics are pretty lame with very little “fluff” on the wrong side.

On the other hand, the Envol panties perfectly fulfills the contract by being sexy AND very comfortable.

And that’s a nice set of lingerie ! And that’s all folks !

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8 commentaires

  • 29 May 2021 à 08:28

    bon déjà franchement c’est vraiment très beau je trouve que ça fait un joli décolleté moi j’aime beaucoup ces bretelles avec les curseurs ça permet de bien ajuster le soutien
    je voudrais en mettre mais sur les cotés pour permettre à mes nénés de se placer quand c’est les mauvaises périodes faut juste que je trouve les bons curseurs
    mais il te va vraiment bien
    oh tu as fais une boulette sur la culotte envol tu as écris Evie La Luve mais c’est etoffe-malicieuse 😉 culotte fort jolie et j’adore ton petit plissé au dos

    • 31 May 2021 à 10:03

      Merci pour les compliments pour m’avoir prévenue pour l’erreur ! C’est corrigé 😉

  • 29 May 2021 à 10:43
    Mlle Mi

    J’aime beaucoup aussi cette culotte d’Etoffe Malicieuse, malheureusement je ne la retrouve pas sur le site…
    Félicitations pour tes jolies créations,

    • 31 May 2021 à 10:02

      Effectivement, j’ai demandé à Viviane, la créatrice d’Étoffe Malicieuse : le patron est en cours de lifting sur le design des documents (pas le patron) suite au changement de logo. Il revient tout bientôt.

  • 29 May 2021 à 11:00

    Wouahh, vraiment sexy tout ça ! Le soutif, à porter avec un chemisier un peu déboutonné et pas trop moulant pour éviter le relief des bretelles, est très bien réalisé. Que dire de la culotte juste parfaite.

    • 31 May 2021 à 10:01

      Merci ! J’avoue, je suis très contente de cet ensemble.

  • 5 June 2021 à 13:47

    Très bel ensemble ! Il va vraiment falloir que je teste le scuba un de ces jours 🙂 merci pour tes avis sincères sur les patrons, c’est très rafraîchissant à lire

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