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Sewing The Parasol shorts

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Sooooo! Go go go! Let’s say it’s time to wear shorts, and especially the Parasol shorts! It was high time that I shook myself to sew this pattern, bought at the time of its release in October 2018. Moreover, what a treat, you’ll be able to take a good look on my “derriere” because when you take pictures of a shorts eh .. well …

Patron Orchid x Parasol (robe, combinaison, short & pantalon) Ensemble Patterns 1 19 €
Chambray subtilement multicolore (restes) Tissus de Rêve 0,75 m 0 €
Popeline baigneuses (restes – Katia Fabrics) Rascol 0,2 m 0 €
Zip Fil 2000 1 0,50 €
Bouton Stock 1 0 €
Thread Stock 0 0 €
Total     19,50 €

The Orchid x Parasol pattern(s)

The pattern is a collaboration between Ensemble and Chalk & Notch. It was available in this combined form, Orchid x Parasol, only for the release. Now, the 2 patterns have to be bought separately if you want to combine them.

The Parasol pattern is designed for shorts, mid-calf pants, pants and sleeveless jumsuit. Phew, isn’t that nice! Not bad, hum?

If we add the Orchid pattern, we also get a dress, a different wrap bodice, and short and long sleeves. Do we still need other patterns with all this?

(The answer is YES of course, no kidding.)

Short Parasol (Ensemble Patterns) en chambray

But hey, there, for this shorts, I only used the Parasol patterns, the shorts version.

The Parasol shorts (Ensemble Pattern) in chambray

The main characteristics of the boss are:

  • a high waist without belt but with belt loops
  • a fly with a button inside
  • no side seams but front and back seams
  • large oblique pockets (the first of this trend that we have seen many times since) in which we can put a phone
  • fake cuff
  • a really comfy fit

Short Parasol (Ensemble Patterns) en chambray

Given the pdf’s number of pages, I used Patternsy to print it all. The transaction went well even though I found the process not uber practical. But hey, the delivery was fast and the pattern well printed.

I made a little video at the time if you want to know better how it works out: https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17974372756129091/

Incidentally, you will also see a little the patterns sheets.

Short Parasol (Ensemble Patterns) en chambray

The explanations & the pattern sheet are very nice, in colors. Célina, the creator of Ensemble, is a graphic designer. The instructions take advantage of her skills with a neat layout.

Sewing the Parasol shorts

Short Parasol (Ensemble Patterns) en chambray

For this first version, I used the remaining (precious) subtly multicolored chambray that I used for my Turia overalls (1st name).

This chambray is as nice to sew as to wear and I preciously kept that remnant for a great project that requires little fabric.

The Parasol shorts (Ensemble Pattern) in chambray

Retrospectively, I think that I was really confident to making it without making a toile before … Probably the confidence for Ensemble Patterns I inherited from sewing my 3 (!) Robinson pants.

Whatever. I made it in size 8 to the waist to 10 at the hips. And it’s great. Super comfortable. Becoming.

So yes, there are 2 or 3 whiskers because when you sit or move, pants wrinkle. It’s OK. The wrinkle unwrinkle when I’m standing.

Short Parasol (Ensemble Patterns) en chambray

It fits really nicely on my sway back, the hips, the buttocks. Close fitting and comfortable in a non-stretch woven fabric, I say “super”.

Short Parasol (Ensemble Patterns) en chambray

Not really complicated, the fly gave me some problems in the beginning due to a drawing that I did not understand well.

The waist facing was more troublesome. The steps’s order doesn’t seem appropriate to me when one takes into account the loosening of the fabric (mostly cut in the bias) at the waist.

Pass the next paragraph if you do not intend to sew the pants / shorts Parasol:

The steps recommend:

  1. to start by sewing the waist to the facing, stopping at 5 cm on the ends,
  2. to understitch
  3. then sew in the burrito way, the facing of the fly between the shorts and the waist facing,
  4. then sew the fly flap with the waist facing,
  5. finally to sew the 2 parts left open at step 1.

When I pinned the facing to the shorts’s waist, I found myself with too much facing. Despite the many notches, I did not know how to position the thingy thing.

I thought I cut the wrong size, so I cut a new facing one size up. I thought again. Thought the fabric had had to relax, then I took it another way:

  1. I sewed the two ends of the waist facing to the fly and flap
  2. then, I sewed the facing at the waist of the shorts which allows me to better distribute the fabric at the waist which has relaxed,
  3. and I finished with the understitching.

Short Parasol (Ensemble Patterns) en chambray

Once this difficulty was solved, everything went well 😉

I also overstitched almost all seams in a turquoise thread – my favorite color of the moment -.

Last word on the Parasol shorts

Short Parasol (Ensemble Patterns) en chambray

Well, as soon I finished it, as soon I started (and finished) a denim pants version. That’s quite telling about how I like it. I waiting for 25 °C+ temperature impatiently to wear it.

I find it incredibly flattering. My sway back is well fitted, my butt is comfortable and the fabric is so nice.

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8 commentaires

  • 17 June 2019 à 07:04

    Belle réussite. Bravo. Ça donne envie.

    • 17 June 2019 à 11:25

      Merci Fanfreluche ! N’hésite pas sur ce patron en tout cas 😉

  • 17 June 2019 à 15:04

    Cc je suis allée voir ta vidéo sur insta’ ça en fait du papier à recopier lol mais il est très jolis ce short j’attends de voir ta version pantalon ^_^ par contre j’en profite tu parles de Patterny est ce que tu sais quand est ce qu’ils rouvriront leurs services d’impression patrons ? je galère pour imprimer des A0 et surtout dans du papier qui moins de 80 g ou si tu as un bon plan ?

    • 17 June 2019 à 15:15

      Hello Violette ! Il me semble que Patternsy est en train de se réorganiser avant de rouvrir d’abord à leur clientèle existante avant de songer à rouvrir aux autres ! Ce n’est pas tout de suite je pense. Sinon, je n’ai pas testé mais j’ai lu de bons retours de ce site : http://www.impressionplan.fr/#/plan. Je ne sais pas sur quel type de papier ils impriment par contre.

  • 27 June 2019 à 20:26

    En effet, il est très beau et te met bien valeur (et ton tissu est dingue !). Merci pour les explications, j’ai rien pigé mais le jour où je le coudrai ce sera plus clair (oui, tu m’as convaincue du coup^^)

    • 28 June 2019 à 11:19

      Merci Grenadine ! Oui, le tissu est vraiment trop chouette 🙂 Yes, pour les explications, mieux vaut avoir le patron sous le nez, comme ça… c’est cryptique ! Je suis trop contente si je t’ai convaincue 😉

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  • 31 July 2019 à 21:54

    Superbe ce short : je le découvre et il te va comme un gant :-))



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