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Supporter bralette: 2nd opus (Etoffe Malicieuse)

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Today, we’re talking about the instant sports bra (well, instant… afternoon, let’s calm down). I present to you the Supporter sports bra by Étoffe Malicieuse, second in the dynasty.

I needed a new bra quickly to renew my sports wardrobe because I’m such a mega-athlete! Ha ha.


Supporter sports bra patternÉtoffe Malicieuse10 €
Gray ScubaLa Réserve des Arts0.30 m1.50 €
Floral Scuba (scraps)Stock0.2 m0 €
Pre-folded elasticAlice Boulay2.7 m0.40 €
Wide elasticEvie La Luve0.75 m2 €
ThreadStock00 €
Total  3.90 €

The Supporter Sports Bra Pattern

No, actually it was just a dark story of unwashed laundry. So, quickly, quickly, I sewed.

The logic of a seamstress in all its glory.

Supporter Sports Bra by Étoffe Malicieuse: see my big bicep?
brassière de sport

The Supporter sports bra pattern offers four different variations, each with its own pattern board and specific step-by-step instructions.

It’s a bit like having four patterns for the price of one!

Supporter Sports Bra by Étoffe Malicieuse: back view

So, I sewed the version with rounded edges of the Supporter sports bra.

I keep repeating myself, but variant patterns are still a joy. For your bank account, of course, but also for the pleasure of sewing a pattern that you already know will fit.

Supporter Sports Bra by Étoffe Malicieuse: see my big tricep?

Bonus, I really like Étoffe Malicieuse patterns.

24 05 brassièresupportergrise 9

And since it was an impulsive project and I don’t have a printer: having the pattern in stock is essential. Needless to say, it was the perfect candidate.

Supporter Sports Bra by Étoffe Malicieuse: suitable for all sports

The instructions are very comprehensive, with clear diagrams. The PDF allows you to choose your size and print with or without seam allowances (0.75 cm).

Supporter Sports Bra by Étoffe Malicieuse: front view

Personally, I opted for the pattern with seam allowances displayed, to easily visualize the size of the seam allowances, since they vary depending on the seams.

Well yes, in lingerie, it’s not the same if you’re sewing a pre-folded elastic (0 cm seam allowance) or if you’re joining two pieces together (here, 0.75 cm).

Supporter Sports Bra by Étoffe Malicieuse works by compression

A huge plus point of this pattern is the assembly designed to hide all the seams, making the inside as clean as a new pin and avoiding chafing during exercise. Goodbye, irritations!

Supporter Sports Bra by Étoffe Malicieuse: everything stays in place

Sewing the Supporter Sports Bra

I sewed this bra in size 40, as for my previous version.

Sports Bra Modifications

For once (especially compared to my previous project the I Am Sunshine jeans), almost no modifications to the pattern!

24 05 brassièresupportergrise 5

I only replaced the underbust band with a wide elastic (also called boxer elastic).

24 05 brassièresupportergrise 11

Oh. And, I used the lengths of elastic recommended for sizes 44 or 46, instead of those indicated for my size. Personally, I prefer to keep breathing when I wear the bra, but everyone will do as they see fit.

24 05 brassièresupportergrise 14

More seriously, the lengths of elastic depend on the elasticity of your elastic and your personal notion of comfort.

Challenges Encountered

Of course, when you sew a last-minute project, you use your stock:

  • a very stretchy and thick gray scuba in both directions that comes from my resource center
  • a scrap of firmer floral scuba (used for a lingerie set and a Crista skirt) that no one wanted at the Thread and Needles Meetings, which finally found its use!
24 05 brassièresupportergrise 1

The bottom elastic was already sewn into a circle in my stock, probably intended for a previous project.

Everything ends up finding its place.

Since I worked with fabric scraps, I didn’t have enough material to cut the front in one piece, so I had to patch at the straps. You can see it clearly in the inside-out photos (scroll, scroll ↓).

Supporter Sports Bra by Étoffe Malicieuse: a back that doesn't restrict movement

I had also planned to put in cups as indicated in the pattern, but I ultimately forgot when I sewed the underbust elastic.

Oops! No problem, the bra works just fine without them. We call that a happy oversight.

24 05 brassièresupportergrise 2

My only issue: the fabrics being a bit thick, they create an over-thickness on the bottom elastic.

Supporter Sports Bra by Étoffe Malicieuse inside out

That’s why I didn’t trim the seam allowances flush. I find that this helps to better taper the thicknesses.

Conclusion: My Overall Feelings

And there you have it, in an afternoon, my new bra was ready for the next morning’s session!

I wear this bra very often, whether for strength training, weightlifting, or running. It does its job very well and I find it elegant.

I just regret not knowing how to add a closure system to make undressing easier… athletic but not a contortionist.

The Supporter pattern by Étoffe Malicieuse will probably be sewn again the next time I need a good sports bra… or when I don’t have the time or desire to run a laundry cycle XD

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  • 15 June 2024 à 09:33

    Chapeau bas! Elle est vraiment belle! Ces pièces très techniques font mon admiration !

  • 15 June 2024 à 09:41

    J’adore le principe de coudre au lieu de faire une lessive

  • 15 June 2024 à 14:27

    De quoi admirer et comme si souvent, de quoi sourire ! Maintenant que c’est rodé, tu va pouvoir faire une compétition avec la machine à laver, à laquelle arrive la première au bout de l’épreuve.



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