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Le top Paddington (French Navy x Peppermint • patron gratuit)

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The Paddington top caught my eye right away when it came out. It had it all: it’s a free pattern, from a collaboration with French Navy that I like, with huge trendy raglan sleeves and looks easy to sew. Like fingers in the nose. Pif, not, poof.

Note that the important part here is “looks“.

That said, it took me another 6 months to get into it, so I guess I can’t really change!

Paddington top free pattern by French Navy x Peppermint Peppermint 1 0 €
Dotted Ikat cotton Itokri.com 1 15,00 € (incluant FDP)
Black modal (remnant of the Jane shirt) Tissus.net 1 0 €
Fil Stock 0 0 €
Total     13,92 €

Interview in Thread & Neddles

Please apologize for a momentary interruption of the program

Today was published an interview of myself by the dear @Sunshine of the Thread & Neddles website and forum.

I tell you about my life, my style, my inspirations and my (maybe) future projects.

I wanted to thank you all, my readers for their comments there or here on this blog. It always warms my heart to read them. It really does. I follow my traffic statistics, but between the numbers and the words, there is no difference!

So kisses to all of you and let’s get back to the point!

Let’s get back to our usual program

The Paddington top pattern

The Paddington top is a loose blouse buttoned at the back, without darts, with raglan puffed sleeves above the elbow (contrary to what the technical drawing might suggest) and tightened by an elastic in a channel.

The Paddington top pattern was drafted for last May in the 50th issue of the Australian magazine Peppermint.

This magazine is a great one to follow as it collaborates every issue with a pattern designer to offer a free pattern.

Generally, these patterns are of excellent quality since they do not collaborate with just anyone. You can find :

Wide Strap Maxi Dress - Peppermint

Wide Strap Maxi Dress

Jupe Skirt Peppermint In The Fold Lascaux

Pleated skirt

Milton Pinafore by Just Pattern

Originally, the Paddington top was intended to de-stress me from a failure on the Black Beauty Bra. Ah ah.

[Note: I thought I had reached my goal for an underwire bra, but no. I’ll continue my work to fit an underwire bra when I stabilize my changing size right now].

On paper, the Paddington top seems really perfect for beginners or for a “relaxing couture spa”.

However, behind its innocent look, this little blouse presents 2-3 difficulties:

  1. topstitching the facing on a curve
  2. sewing of the elastic channel on a big curve very difficult to resorb
  3. the button placket and its famous buttonholes

Finally, the wide range of sizes goes from 82 cm to 128 cm bust measurement.

Sewing the Paddington top

In your opinion, did I make any changes?


The back button placket

First, to make my life easier, I removed the button placket from the back. To do this, just cut on the fold by removing the value of the button placket itself.

My head goes through, no worries.

Sleeves: +4 cm

Then, I lengthened the sleeve by 4 cm to make it go under the elbow using the tutorial provided by Peppermint. Well hey, it’s fall anyway!

This tutorial also proposes to make a sleeve bracelet but…

The bottom of the sleeves

…I still tried to create the channel originally planned in the pattern to insert an elastic. No luck.

The designer clearly warns that there will be blood, sweat and tears to create this channel x 2. And boy, did it.

She also warns that mildly perfectionistic people will probably have a hard time with the inevitable puckers (or micro-pinches) on the channel.

You bet. Very difficult indeed, darling.

I finally threw in the towel after 2 days of desperation and switched to the sleeve bracelet version suggested by the tutorial.

But I still added my touch by creating openings (big buttonholes actually) to allow me to pass a tie and make a nice bow.

Finally, I couldn’t get what I wanted with the tie, so I used the Fleming Bow Tie pattern from Les Patronnes.

And that’s it!

The topstitched facing

Finally, the neckline facing also decided to be a pain in the ass.

To begin with, it had to be notched at the shoulders to sit properly. Like a dart in fact. You can see it slightly on the picture below.

I also had to do it 3 times to get a clean topstitching that takes all the layers properly.

Topstitching on the facing is always difficult to get a clean result on the right side AND that takes all the facing in the seam on the wrong side.


As far as “an easy, quick and relaxing sewing project” is concerned, it’s a flop.

In terms of style, class and comfort, we are at the top of the happiness dear readers!

Honestly, I am absolutely delighted with the result. The proportions of this Paddington top are perfect. It will certainly be worn a lot.

Will it be sewn up? As a summer dress maybe, or as a Christmas gift if anyone is interested?

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12 commentaires

  • 30 October 2021 à 06:29

    Il est trop mignon ce paddington top ! Les manches, avec les gros pois structurés et les jolis noeuds, sont de la bombe. Dommage que ce soit si difficile à réaliser. En tout cas tu as assuré au mieux. J’adore le look.

  • 30 October 2021 à 06:31

    Ah oui et bravo pour la distinction chez T&N. Plud que méritée. Je vais de ce pas lire l’interview.

  • 30 October 2021 à 06:32

    Plus, pas plud!

  • 30 October 2021 à 06:50

    Waouh!!!! Ce n’est plus du top ultra-rapide ça !!! mais quel résultat ! J’admire vos choix de tissus . il vous va à ravir , mille bravos à vous

  • 30 October 2021 à 08:03

    Ce top est ravissant, il convient à votre style.
    J’ai l’impression que la rallonge de la manche a compliqué un peu plus la difficulté pour prendre en compte le pliage du coude. Comme c’est le résultat qui compte c’est nickel au final.

  • 30 October 2021 à 08:19

    Je viens de lire l’article du forum Thread & Neddles. Quel beau parcours.
    Pour le soutien gorge peut-être celui d’étoffe malicieuse?

  • 30 October 2021 à 08:22

    Alors je valide la longueur donnée aux manches, et le bas des manches. Le bracelet est bien plus classe qu’un élastique et le noeud que tu as fixé très mimi classe. J’aurais peut être fait la blouse un poil plus longue.
    Après, je ne suis pas 100% emballée par le côté deux tissus mais sans trop savoir pourquoi puisque le résultat est quand même très réussi. On est d’accord que tout en pois aurait été too much …

  • 30 October 2021 à 08:43

    Sympa ton interview
    C’est vrai que je te le lis tous les samedis matins et que je ne commente jamais les posts mais j’aime beaucoup ton analyse des patrons et tes commentaires en général.
    Merci pour ce que tu fais et le partage de connaissances, d’idées…

  • 2 November 2021 à 13:48

    Le résultat, quelles qu’aient pu être les difficultés, est franchement top, je comprends que tu kiffes !

  • 2 November 2021 à 19:31

    C’est un top raglan alors forcément j’adore. C’est vrai que ce genre de cousette a l’air fastoche, genre “fingers in the nose”… Mazette que de pépins sur ce projet mais tu as vaincu la bête et c’est l’essentiel!! J’adore les manches et la finition à ta sauce, vraiment jolie.. Maintenant que tu connais les obstacles, tu parviendras à les surmonter..

    Et moi aussi je vais de ce pas, lire ton interview!! Bravo à la vedette du mois!! Oui je sais j’ai pas mal d’articles à lire en retard…

    • 17 November 2021 à 15:42

      Ah ah ! Merci 🙂 Il est suffisament super chouette pour ne pas m’avoir découragée ! Un bon point !

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