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Cardigan Juniper maille merveilleuse Jennifer Lauren

Juniper cardigan (Jennifer Lauren): a cropped cardigan to associate with high waisted clothes

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I searched a long time for a pattern like the Juniper cardigan … One of the first things that I wanted to sew, since it was missing in my wardrobe, was a vest or a short jacket / bolero to associate with my high waisted clothes.

I tried an Ondee cardigan last year. But with the Juniper cardigan, I think I found exactly the right pattern for my need.

PDF pattern Juniper Cardigan Jennifer Lauren Handmade 1 9,77 €
Maille merveilleuse Remnants (Mamzelle Fourmi) 2 m 0 €
Interfacing Rascol 0,1 m 0,79 €
Vintage buttons Stock 4 0 €
Thread Stock 0 €
Total 10,56 €


Cardigan Juniper maille merveilleuse Jennifer Laurence

Le patron du cardigan Juniper

So this is a cardigan or vest with saddle sleeves (I learned a term in writing this post! In French, it’s “hammer sleeves”) and V-neck available in long version on the hips or cropped at the waist and with long or 3 / 4 sleeves.

Cardigan Juniper maille merveilleuse Jennifer Lauren

Cardigan Juniper maille merveilleuse Jennifer Laurence

This is the cropped version that makes it the per-fect pattern to associate with a Chardon skirt, Chataigne shorts, the Haut Pantalon or a Veronika skirt (nah, I don’t have a close full of high waisted clothes, I do not see what you’re talking about …).

And that’s the reason why I took photos of the Juniper cadigan associated with low-rise jeans … Ah ah. Scatterbrain.

Regarding the pattern itself: very pro. The pdf is easy to assemble and the designer indicates which pages to print depending on the version (and that’s fortunate because the complete file is 51 pages) … Long live paper savings!

Cardigan Juniper maille merveilleuse Jennifer Laurence

All the infos (sizes, margins, interfacing, …) are clear and easy to find! The size chart is available both in cm and inches.

Seam allowances of 1 cm are included and the measurements of the finished garment are also provided to facilitate the size choice (comparing with one of your clothes in your closet for example).

Cardigan Juniper maille merveilleuse Jennifer Laurence

Le tissu de ma 1re version du cardigan Juniper

You may have noticed that I used the same fabric as for my Cannelle cardigan: Mamzelle Fourmi’s Maille Merveilleuse.

I had a remnant that was quite small, just 0.60 to 0.80 cm by 180 cm (yes, the width of the maille merveilleuse is generous).

Cardigan Juniper maille merveilleuse Jennifer Lauren

It seemed to me a good choice to test the pattern with some nothing to loose fabric … the hammer gave me the jitters a priori. It must be said that the pieces of the sleeves do have a strange shape!

To tell you, I bought the pattern in May during a discount and I sewed it only in October!

Assembly & details of the Juniper cardigan

Well, I make it short: all this freak, it was for nothing. The cardigan was assembled on my Babylock Desire 3 serger quickly and easily. In fact, it’s one of my fastest projects of late.

Cardigan Juniper maille merveilleuse Jennifer Laurence

Only trick due to the fabric: the seams are quite thick and are a bit visible because the cut on the shoulders is tight.

Cardigan Juniper maille merveilleuse Jennifer Laurence

For the neckband, follow Jennifer’s advice and put some interfacing. It stabilize the neckband and simplify the buttonholes sewing. Personally, I used the Vlieseline G785 and it does the trick.

I was also able to test all the different buttonholes of my new sewing machine before deciding on the classic stretch buttonhole version.

Cardigan Juniper maille merveilleuse Jennifer Laurence

The pretty vintage glass buttons are a gift from my sister last Christmas (thank you !!)

Conclusion on the Juniper cardigan

So, I would say that this trial version of the cropped Juniper cardigan is a success and gives full satisfaction. All I have to do now is to make another one!

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