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Sewing the Freya top (Tilly and the Buttons)

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The top Freya comes from the book Stretch! by Tilly and the Buttons released in the last quarter of 2018. I asked for it for Christmas and got it! ❤ During the few days between Christmas & New Year, I threw myself on it … and in a few days I sewed the Bibi Pinafore dress and this Freya top. Soon, I will also have to talk to you about the Freya dress sewn not long after

Livre Stretch! by Tilly and the Button (22,50£) Gift! 1 0
Jersey Rico Design Mercerine 0,9 m 13,95 €
Lastin Mercerie Extra 0,30 0,40 €
Fluo thread Fil 2000 1 1,50 €
Total     15,45 €

Top Freya pattern

Top Freya Tilly and the ButtonsThe book is aimed for beginners and so, the patterns are quite a simple sew. The Freya pattern is declined with 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves, top length and dress … plus some hack ideas suggested by Tilly.

The top Freya includes only 3 pieces: the sleeves, the back / front and the collar. Here. Otherwise, the explanations are, as always, with Tilly, very well written and illustrated by photos. These crystal clear explanations with stylish yet easy-to-sew patterns are really Tilly’s hallmark and there is no surprise here. However, the book has not yet been translated into French.

Sewing the Freya top

Let’s talk about 5 minutes of the fabric that I find wonderful! Peas ! Fluo pink! The 2 on the same fabric! Woohoo!

Ahem, sorry for the orgy of exclamation points but this fabric makes me just happy (note for Marie Kondo: I won’t throw this one …). It’s a cotton jersey with a bit of elastane from Rico Design, really easy to sew. He is a very disciplined guy.

So, let’s go back on our subject, I do not have much to say in fact. I sewed it with the serger without making any mods and it fits great. If we compare it with the Briac t-shirts, we see that the seam shoulder falls perhaps better, more on the spot.

Last thing we don’t see on the photos: the length. For me, it’s pretty perfect. The top Freya falls well on the hips, I would say at mid-buttocks. Pretty much allowing to sit quietly in the skirts and pants.

Ah and a last last thing! The high collar being a bit wide, it help me not feeling choked. Which is pretty important for me with my neck scar.

Conclusion on the Freya top

I love this top, the cut and the fabric. It falls well and I am very comfortable in it. I’m not going to say that I’ll make it again because I’ve already made another one! Ha!

But we will have to wait for the article because I still haven’t shot the photos

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2 commentaires

  • 10 March 2019 à 09:28

    Il est trop mignon ce top ! (point d’exclamation !) Mais où as-tu déniché ce joli jersey à pois fluo ?

    • 10 March 2019 à 15:00

      Hello ! 🙂 Merci ! Je mets toujours toutes les fournitures dans le tableau si tu veux voir ! Ici, ça vient de Mercerine mais je crois qu’il n’y en a plus :/



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