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Bibi Pinafore (Tilly and the buttons)

Sewing the Bibi Pinafore (Tilly and the buttons)

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At the release of the book Stretch !, I had a big crush on the dress Freya first and the Bibi Pinafore next.

But, I’m trying to become more reasonable with my pattern crushes and I wisely waited for Christmas to put it on my Christmas list … and TADAAA! My big sister and sewing partner gifted it to me ❤❤❤

I must tell you that it has already been well used as I’ve already sewed 3 pieces from the book!

Pattern book Stretch! de Tilly and the buttons Christmas gift 1 0
Blue scuba CSF 2017 1 m 10 €
Buttons La Textilerie 2 0,40 €
Thread Stock 1 0 €
Total     10,40 €

The Bibi Pinafore pattern

Basically, the model Bibi is a skirt to sew with knit fabric (like all models of the book…). It’s a tight fitting pencil skirt with 4 identical panels with an optional slot. The pinafore version is a variation on the model.

Bibi Pinafore (Tilly and the buttons)

There are only 4 pieces to be traced (because I always trace my paper patterns!): The panel of the skirt which will be cut 4 times, the shaped belt (curved) which will be cut twice at the fold, the bib will be cut 2 times and the straps cut 4 times.

The yardage for the Bibi Pinafore is really economical: 1 m by 1.50 m was enough (in size 4).

Bibi Pinafore (Tilly and the buttons)

With the serger, everything is assembled super easily and quickly. Nothing to say. The explanations of the book are intended for beginners, with simple terms and not very technical, all accompanied by photos.

Bibi Pinafore (Tilly and the buttons)

My adaptations on the Bibi Pinafore

I did not modify the pattern that I cut in size 4. My changes are rather changes related to style.

As you can see in the photo on the left, the straps are normally sewn on the front bib and -as you can’t see on the photo- the buttons (sewn without buttonholes) are placed on the back belt … for reasons of processing easiness and adjustments of the straps at the end of the project.

Bibi Pinafore (Tilly and the buttons)

Well, personally, I find it moderately practical to have buttons bumping in my back each time I rest my back on a chair. Especially since I found beautiful glass buttons at the Textilerie, and I wanted to highlight them.

So, I inverted the sewing order to put the buttons in front. In addition, I had to shorten the straps by 20 centimeters because of my small size and not having crossed them in the back.

Bibi Pinafore (Tilly and the buttons)

The seam split is not a modification but a suggested option for the boss that is easily done.

Bibi Pinafore (Tilly and the buttons)

The right fabric for the Bibi Pinafore

A word on this awesome fabric found on a stand at the Création & Savoir-Faire show in 2017. There was no composition written but I suspect a polyester + spandex. It’s a kind of textured scuba, a little padded, super hot and that stretch well.

Because of its thickness, I had a little trouble in some places where I had to sew 5 layers at the same time. I also made topstitching on the belt to keep the seam allowance nicely lying down.

Apart from this difficulty, it’s really the ideal fabric for this tight-fitting pattern. It forgives many things and makes a winter dress at the top!

Bibi Pinafore (Tilly and the buttons)

Conclusion on my Bibi Pinafore

Well, you’ll understand, it’s a love at first sight. I’m a big fan of this dress where I feel good, beautiful and comfortable, warm … #teamchilly

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3 commentaires

  • 27 January 2019 à 15:08

    Comme toujours, rien à dire…. quant on a un corps longiligne …. tout va bien….J’aime bcp le modèle mais je ne m’y vois pas dedans… avec mes formes généreuses 🙂

  • 1 March 2019 à 14:00
    Marcelle & Aline

    Le tissu est vraiment joli et j’aime surtout la partie jupe avec ses belles découpes et la fente. C’est du beau travail !

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